3. Does EU Exit affect trade in organic products beyond the EU?

The EU has equivalence arrangements with 13 countries. Some of these have been rolled over so that they will apply to the UK and trade may continue as now.

For import of organic goods, different exporting rules may apply if equivalency is not agreed between the UK and non-EU countries. Businesses are advised to contact the exporting control body in the country they are importing food from if they have any questions.

For export, GB products will need to comply with the labelling requirements, including logos, of the third country they are being exported to. Some non-EU countries may require an export certificate for each consignment. You should check with the country you’re exporting to.

Organic products from third countries where we do not have arrangements but which are recognised under Annex IV of Commission Regulation (EC) No 1235/2008 can continue to be accepted in GB until 31 December 2023.