I move goods between GB and EU, is there any help available for this?

Dedicated Traders Showcase There is a dedicated Traders Showcase Site which holds a wealth of information to support traders following the transition period.  Please note that the new Trader Showcase has been developed using Dropbox Paper, which usually requires users to have an account to access content, so we recommend opening a free account – […]

What is the general situation regarding customs requirements for my EU suppliers?

For the purposes of customs, the UK is now treated as any other non-EU country. In particular, customs procedures and formalities apply to trade between the UK and the EU. However, in accordance with the agreed Protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland, EU customs rules and procedures generally continue to apply to goods entering and leaving […]

What documents do UK-registered HGVs need to enter the EU?

UK government guidance provides a full list of all documents and administrative considerations for UK-registered HGVs heading for the EU LINK Drivers will also need appropriate documents, as will their loads LINK. At time of writing, drivers may need to show that they are clear of Coronavirus, even if they are EU-based LINK. Vehicles approaching […]

Can old stock labels of POAO (for example UK BB 011 EC) be sent to Ukraine? The truck will travel through the EU so do the labels need to be the new format ,GB BB 011. The end destination isn’t the EU though so can we still send old labels to Ukraine?

The guidance on labelling and identification marks for products of animal origin (POAO) is available on the Foods Standards Agency (FSA) website. It outlines the health and identification mark requirements that will allow POAO produced by UK businesses to be placed on EU and non-EU markets from 1 January 2021.You can find the guidance here: