What is the EU Settlement Scheme?

The EU Settlement Scheme is a government scheme that can provide EU citizens currently resident in the UK with the right to continue living and working in the UK beyond 31 December 2020.

How will my current EU workforce be affected?

EU citizens currently resident in the UK will not be required to leave at the end of the transition period. EU citizens resident in the UK before the 31 December 2020 will have until 30 June 2021 to apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.  Successful applications to the EU Settlement Scheme will allow EU citizens to continue […]

What documents will vehicles need to enter the UK?

In addition to the driver’s personal documents  and any documents relevant to the load, goods vehicles crossing the border between the UK and EU will need at least the following Vehicle registration documents Vehicle insurance documents for tractors and trailers Goods vehicle operator license Possibly other documents subject to trade deal (eg: cabotage license) “GB” […]

What approach do EU authorities take to border enforcement?

EU authorities have implemented all usual border controls on traffic arriving from the UK from January 2021 onwards. This contrasts with to the approach taken by the UK, which is introducing measures in stages over six months. Enforcement approach varies slightly between countries, according to national and local policy. However, so far, it appears that […]

Do hauliers need EORI numbers?

Yes. Hauliers are advised to obtain EORI numbers in both the EU and the UK. The Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) is used to access various border control systems. Both traders and hauliers should have them. EU hauliers need a GB EORI number to collect and drop consignments in GB, if they are part […]

What special measures apply to local traffic around ports?

Haulage businesses based in East Kent may be eligible for a special pass (the East Kent Haulier Permit), allowing them to travel direct to port instead of joining the back of any queue. Permits should now have arrived with all eligible operators LINK. Local hauliers intending to cross the English Channel still need a Kent […]

Is use of ‘Check an HGV is ready to cross the border’ mandatory?

Yes, for the “Short Straits” crossing. Any HGV approaching the UK Channel Ports in Kent, must have a Kent Access Permit, issued via the “Check An HGV …” system LINK. Drivers without a permit may be liable to fines, levied on them personally. Smaller goods vehicle (under 7.5 tonnes) do not need an Kent Access […]

What happens to a driver if they approach a port without the necessary documents?

To prevent congestion and delays, vehicles and their loads are expected to be “border ready”, when approaching Channel Ports on the UK side. Drivers that are not ready may be turned away and / or fined. In addition, any loads not accompanied by the right documents may be seized. Drivers may seek assistance at inland […]

Can I be confident of driver welfare if long queues develop on approaches to Channel Ports?

The UK government has developed inland sites for use in holding and processing freight traffic, both incoming and outgoing. Basic welfare facilities are provided, along with opportunities for “remediation” (ie: acquisition of any missing transport documents). There are also multiple locations where drivers can receive advice before approaching the Channel Ports LINK. This provision, coupled […]

Who is responsible for furnishing documents to officials?

In the UK, it is the duty of traders (or their agents) to ensure that vehicle drivers have the right documents and permissions to cross the UK border. However, it is the duty of the driver to ensure that they are able to present documents when they are requested by officials.