What needs a Phytosanitary certificate (PC) and what doesn’t?

For exporting to the EU, you should check whether a phytosanitary certificate (PC) is required by contacting the plant health authority or a plant health inspector in the destination Country. There will be a phased introduction of the requirement of a phytosanitary certificate (PC) for the import of plants and plant products to GB. You […]

What needs a catch certificate and what doesn’t?

You need a catch certificate to export any ocean caught fish, except in the cases listed below. To create a catch certificate you will first need to register with the Fish Export Service here (Government Gateway ID required). If you land fish into EU ports you will also need to complete: a prior notification form, […]

Who needs the original EHC vs a copy of the EHC?

Once you’ve applied to APHA for an EHC, you need to arrange for your nominated OV or inspector to complete, sign and give the EHC to you. The original EHC must travel with your consignment and will be retained at the point of entry to the EU for their records (if your final destination is […]

Can I bulk certify for an EHC?

No, you will need a separate EHC for each consignment you export. However, for groupage, a Groupage Export Facilitation Scheme (GEFS) has been established to help facilitate the process for certifying officers to get all the necessary information. Detailed guidance can be found here. The enquiries email is GEFS@defra.gov.uk.

7. How can I employ seasonal labour under the new immigration system?

In 2018 the government launched the Seasonal Workers Scheme Pilot for 2,500 workers in the edible horticulture sector for the 2019 season. This was expanded to 10,000 permits for 2020, and in December 2020 this was further expanded to 30,000 permits for the 2021 season. Workers can come to the UK for up to six […]

6. What other ways are available to recruit migrant workers?

Graduate route: this visa will be available to international students who have completed a degree in the UK from summer 2021 and will enable them to remain in the UK and work at any skill level for two years after they have completed their studies. Intra-company Transfer: This route allows multinational organisations to enable temporary moves into […]