What are the rules for exporting composite products

There are different decision trees developed by the Irish government for composite products containing meat and POAO, milk and dairy, fish and eggs which may be also useful to you.


New rules for the export of composite products will be introduced at the same time as the Animal Health Regulation, with new composite product EHCs. These rules will alter which products require an EHC to be exported to the EU or moved to Northern Ireland. They will also introduce a new document to accompany composite products exempt from certification.

After 21 April 2021 there will be three categories of composite products:

  1. Non shelf-stable composite products
  2. Shelf-stable composite products that contain any quantity of meat products, except gelatine, collagen and highly refined products
  3. Shelf-stable composite products that do not contain meat products, except gelatine, collagen and highly refined products.

The requirements on traders and the guarantees accompanying the composite products depend on their category. However, the requirements for processed animal products in the composite products are the same for the three categories. The new EHCs will be ready for businesses to look at from 1 April 2021