What is the situation with Live Bivalve Molluscs before new AH Regs comes into force in April?

LBMs that are ready for human consumption (i.e. from class A waters or depurated in the UK) can be exported to the EU using the export health certificate for live bivalve molluscs.

LBMs from APBs, which are intended to go for relaying or depuration (purification) in the EU, must be accompanied by a specific Export Health Certificate: “‘Model animal health certificate for the import into the European Union of aquaculture animals for farming, relaying, put and take fisheries and open ornamental facilities’”. This certificate is limited to LBMs sourced from aquaculture establishments.

EU EHCs currently allow movements of un-depurated wild-capture LBMs between Member States, but not from third countries into the EU. A revised aquaculture certificate is expected to come into force from 21 April 2021, which will allow this trade to take place from third countries into the EU. However, under the EU rules regarding movements of animals from third countries, as the UK is likely to be classed from 1 January 2021, GB businesses that export, or intend to export, wild-caught Class B/C LBMs will be unable to do so from 1 January until the introduction of the relevant certificate, expected on 21 April 2021. LBMs from GB aquaculture businesses in Class B waters will be unaffected.