What are the labelling rules for goods sold in Northern Ireland (NI)?

Goods sold in NI will continue to follow EU rules for labelling but you may need to make some labelling changes. Some guidance is included here.

Under the Northern Ireland Protocol, goods sold in Northern Ireland will continue to follow EU rules for food labelling. There will be changes to labelling that apply from the end of the Transition Period. However, the UK Government recognises that businesses will need time to adapt to these new labelling rules.

The UK Government is working with the Department of Agriculture, the Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) and district councils in Northern Ireland on an enforcement approach to new labelling requirements on the Northern Ireland market that takes these challenges into account.

In line with previous rule changes for labelling, there will be a proportionate and risk-based enforcement approach for changes to identification marks, addresses and origin labelling requirements. This approach will be implemented in a way which supports businesses as they adapt to the requirements over time.