What will import certificates for import from the EU look like for POAO?

From new Border Operating Model page55 of the PDF

EU POAO and ABP will be required to be accompanied by an Export Health Certificate (EHC) or other official documentation from 1 October 2021

An EHC is an official document that confirms the export meets the health requirements of the destination country; this will need to be secured by the exporter from the EU country of origin’s competent authority. These certificates will be substantially the same as the existing EU certificates for RoW imports, but will instead relate to imports into GB.

Where EU health certificates for animal products exist, they will be transcribed into domestic versions. Traders intending to export to GB should use the existing certification as guidance on what will be required. Where there are no standardised requirements and no model Export Health Certificate currently exists, the GB importer will need to contact the Centre for International Trade (CITC).